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Essential waterfront home buying tips

Waterfront home view

Imagine waking up to the fresh air, lapping waves, and clear skies of Lake Texoma every day. Why not make that vision a reality by investing in Lake Texoma homes for sale?

Of course, buying a lakeside house is quite different from buying a typical home. Before embarking on your home search, note these tips first:

Inspection is crucial

Unlike inland homes, waterfront properties are more exposed to the elements. Always insist on doing a professional inspection so you can spot potentially deal-breaking issues such as flooded basements, mold problems, and excessive corrosion. You should also order a land survey, water quality test, and elevation certification to further ensure that the property is worth your money. These steps might make the buying process a little longer, but they are all well worth doing.

Focus on the whole picture

Lakeside homes are coveted for their stunning views, but take a step back and assess the property in its entirety. Many buyers fall in love with a house only to discover that the water isn’t ideal for swimming or that it’s a hassle to get to the shore. That’s why real estate agents advise buyers to pay more attention to the location rather than the house itself. After all, you can always upgrade the house but you can never upgrade its location.

Be aware of additional costs

To avoid sticker shock, it’s best to familiarize yourself with the attendant costs of owning Lake Texoma real estate. Since lakeside homes are more expensive and face the risk of flooding, you may have to pay a higher home insurance premium than you’re used to. You also have to be on point with your maintenance to keep issues like rusting and excess moisture at bay. Utilities like water, electricity, and internet might also be more expensive as providers must route service lines to a fairly remote area.

Talk to your future neighbors

Who better to ask what the Lake Texoma lifestyle is like than the people who already live there? If your agent has previous clients living in the area, ask if you could speak to them. What is the day-to-day experience like and do they enjoy it? Does the area get too crowded in the summer? If they rent out their property, when is the demand highest and lowest? These are all crucial insights that no property brochure could ever share.

Ask about the homeowners’ association

If the Lake Texoma real estate you’re eyeing belongs to a homeowners’ association (HOA), carefully review its bylaws first. More specifically, find out what upkeep is expected of you as a homeowner, as well as what changes you can or can’t do to your property. Ask your agent to secure a copy of the bylaws and review it thoroughly before making an offer on the property.

A lakeside house provides more than just a leisurely lifestyle, it serves as a valuable asset, too. Just be sure to keep these tips in mind as you view listings.

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