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Health benefits of lakefront living

Health benefits of lakefront living: Woman meditating on paddle board

There are many reasons to invest in Lake Texoma homes. It’s an attractive asset whose value will undoubtedly grow. It opens many recreational opportunities. And you can turn it into a rental property to earn extra income.

But one perk many buyers overlook is the many health benefits a lake house offers. In this piece, let’s take a look at how waterfront properties can help you live a healthier life:

Breathe easy

Urbanites live and breathe through a miasma of pollution which certainly isn’t doing their health any favors. But lakeside homes are miles away from the big cities and their unhealthy air, allowing owners to breathe easily. The fresh air is especially helpful for people who have chronic respiratory conditions such as asthma. And it’s not just the lack of pollution that makes the air more breathable; bodies of water naturally emit negative ions, which help improve various bodily functions, including immune response.

Sleep tight

Air pollution isn’t the only thing you’ll escape when you purchase Lake Texoma homes for sale—you’ll also steer clear of noise pollution, an oft-ignored problem in urban areas. Experts say it’s the next big health crisis as more and more people live in crowded cities. While it’s known to potentially cause hearing loss, noise pollution can also affect people in more insidious ways by disrupting their sleep. But if you own a lakeside home, the only “noise pollution” you’ll have to worry about is the lapping of waves and birdsong.

Get active

Don’t want to drive all the way to the clubhouse or community pool to get some swimming done? When you own Lake Texoma real estate, you can take a dip anytime the mood strikes you. Even better, swimming isn’t the only water activity you can enjoy on the lake; many folks also engage in kayaking, wakeboarding, and jet skiing. Studies show that regular exercise has a multitude of health benefits, ranging from improving your mood to preventing heart disease. And with the lake’s scenic views, working out has never been so leisurely.

Reduce stress

Urban living offers plenty of conveniences but plenty of stresses, too. If you’re looking for a more laid-back atmosphere, there’s scientific evidence that living by the water could be better for you. Experts call this the blue mind effect,” which states that the waves and blue skies can help ease tension and improve feelings of wellness. Moreover, contact with water also seems to induce a meditative state, which can make one happier, calmer, and more creative.

Live longer

Perhaps the biggest health benefit of owning Lake Texoma real estate is the fact that it can potentially lengthen your life. A study led by Dan Crouse of the University of New Brunswick found that people who lived 250 meters from a body of water reduced their risk of mortality by up to 17%. This is consistent with Crouse’s other study which found that living near nature can also help folks live longer.

With all these health benefits, lakeside home is truly a worthwhile investment. If you’re looking for waterfront properties in Kingston, OK, rely on Servant’s Heart Realty to provide the expert advice you need.

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