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How to make the most of your virtual house tour

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Living with COVID-19 is today’s reality – and precautionary measures like mask-wearing, hand-washing, and social-distancing are the new ‘normal’. With people choosing not to leave their homes unless absolutely necessary, experienced real estate agents are banking on virtual house tours to help showcase properties.

Virtual house tours are videos that help you show your Lake Texoma real estate to potential homebuyers without your needing to be physically on location. Here are a few tips on how to sell a house fast with the use of a virtual house tour:

Clean and furnish your home

You want your house to look as attractive as possible for potential buyers. This means keeping your house so clean that it practically sparkles – even on camera – especially along your planned tour route.
For an even greater chance of getting that much-coveted offer, stage your home. Rent or buy furniture that’ll enhance the home’s look. Your goal is to allow the buyer to gain a better feel for what the home will be like to live in – something that an empty house won’t be able to do.

Use quality video equipment

To enhance your home’s attractiveness, you must invest in high quality video. This means using video devices that will capture your home’s beautiful features in their best light, so they can be appreciated fully.

Here are several things to aim for if you want to produce high-quality video:

  • A minimum resolution of 1080p. Don’t worry, you won’t need to shell out thousands of dollars for a new camera. Chances are, your phone is already 1080p-capable.
  • Stable footage. Buy a gimbal to stabilize your video even while moving. Trust us when we say that this will make a world of difference – your video will look like it was shot by a pro.
  • Good lighting. When it comes to filming your home, nothing beats good lighting. Allow natural light to stream into the home or buy an LED light kit to allow potential buyers to see as much detail as possible.

Emphasize your home’s best features

A general marketing rule is to capture a potential buyer’s attention within the first few seconds. This is because attention spans are shorter on digital marketing platforms. This means showing off the areas of your home that you think are the most likely to grab your buyers’ attention first.

Consider individual video calls

Filming a pre-planned video is one thing, but you can take your virtual tour a step further by having potential buyers check the property out via a live video. This approach will allow buyers to have more control over the tour, as they can ask their questions right then and there. This will also allow you, as the seller, to connect with your potential buyers directly – something you can’t do with a pre-filmed virtual tour.

To put a spotlight on your home and make it stand out among the Lake Texoma homes for sale, go with a virtual tour. Staging a video tour is a great way to get eyes on your property without risking anyone’s health. It may just be the best way to sell a house in the midst of this global pandemic.

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