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What a Catch! Your Guide to Lake Texoma Fishing

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As one of the largest reservoirs in the US covering 89,000 acres of water, Lake Texoma is easily one of the most popular spots to cast your line in Oklahoma. Some of the fish you can expect to catch here include striped bass, common carp, largemouth bass, white bass, and spotted bass, among others.

If you plan to visit the area in the future or snap up a Lake Texoma property for sale right now, you’ll soon find yourself in an angling escapade that promises a once in a lifetime experience.

What makes Lake Texoma special?

Lake Texoma’s most unique feature has to be its brackish water – it’s slightly salty mainly because much of the Red River that flows into the lake contains saltwater. Simply put, avid anglers shopping for Lake Texoma lakefront homes for sale will find more than just the usual freshwater fare here. Springtime is great for alligator gar, as well as bass of the large, smallmouth, and striped variety. Catfish and crappie are aplenty during winter.

Get Your License to Fish

Lake Texoma straddles the border of Texas and Oklahoma, so you can probably guess where the reservoir gets its name. Residents in either state can get their fishing licenses from their respective states, but those who want to fish at any part of the lake will need to obtain separate licenses from both states, or a special Lake Texoma fishing license. There are separate licenses as well for fishing from the shore and being physically on the river.

Licenses start at $12 and are valid until December 31. These permits are typically purchased at any Walmart outlet, fishing stores surrounding the lake, and online from the Texas Wildlife Department or Oklahoma Wildlife Department. Check if any of the physical facilities are open or active before heading over to buy. Anglers over the age of 16 are required to have a valid fishing license on their person while fishing in Lake Texoma when a state park ranger asks for it.

Lake Texoma Fishing Info for Durant, OK Residents

Lake Texoma lies at the confluence of the Red River from the west and the Washita River from the North. Durant’s enviable location at the North East section of the lake makes it a great launching point for anglers looking to catch striped bass, largemouth bass, and catfish. Other types of fish known to lurk in these waters include blue catfish, flathead catfish, and alligator gar. Keep these details in mind if you plan to purchase a Durant, OK real estate lakefront property soon or in the future.

Fishing in Lake Texoma by Boat

Lake Texoma’s shores are dotted with businesses providing guided tours and boat charter services. Pay these businesses a visit if you’re new to angling or the waters. Those who prefer to use their own boat will have to pay a daily fee to anchor near the lake, with prices starting at five dollars.

Fishing from Shore

Lake Texoma is very conducive to shoreline fishing, as tourists and visitors are starting to discover. Should you wish to fish from shore, don’t forget to pack your safety and protective gear, and avoid fishing alone. Bear in mind that the best fishing areas by the banks are often the most remote, away from access roads or public areas.

Fishing in Lake Texoma, OK has convinced many tourists and visitors to buy a home in the locale. Should you find yourself wanting to look at Lake Texoma homes for sale, talk to us at Lake Texoma Real Estate Company. Call us at 580.564.6216 or email us at realtor(at)russ-parker(dotted)com to learn more about the area.