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Why it’s worth staging your home for sale

Loft type living room
A great way to sell your property fast is to paint a picture of everything the home can be for potential homebuyers. This means going well beyond presenting the factual aspects of your home; it means illustrating how great living there would be. To do so, use a tried-and-tested tool: Staging.

Staging is considered by many as the best way to sell a house. It’s the ideal path to take if you want your property to be one of the Lake Texoma homes for sale that potential buyers choose to shortlist and, eventually, buy:

Why stage?

Staged homes are said to be more likely to get you a done deal faster and at a higher price. When viewing homes, buyers typically try to imagine themselves living in your home. Professional real estate agents use staging to help the buyer’s imagination along.

Home stagers usually furnish homes in a way that will appeal to the buyers’ desired lifestyle. They show how a living room can be the perfect place to spend time with friends and family, or how a backyard can be just the spot for late afternoon summer barbecues. One of the goals is to appeal to the buyers’ emotions and have them feel attached to your property. Doing so will make it more likely for them to put in a good offer.

Downplay flaws

Let’s face it, homes for sale are rarely without flaws. Some rooms may be too small or too dark. Home stagers find a way around these shortcomings.

For example, they can make a room look larger or brighter with strategic furniture selection and placement. Even something as simple as a good clean can make a big difference to how potential buyers see the home.

Highlight desirable features

Aside from downplaying your property’s flaws, home staging can also highlight its best features. Good use of interior design, including the smart placement of furniture and furnishings as well as great décor can do a lot to bring the most desirable features of a house to the fore.

Give buyers a good first impression

A positive first impression is very important. Sometimes what helps you get the deal done is the initial impression that imprints itself in the buyer’s mind as they step into your home. As much as we would like to believe that people don’t judge a book by its cover, the truth is that books with the best covers usually get picked up more in the bookstore. The same is true for well-staged homes.

Get ahead of the competition

Many potential buyers start their hunt for a new home online, especially these days. This typically means browsing through tens or even hundreds of postings online. If people don’t like what they see online, they aren’t likely to consider looking further into the possibility of buying your property. Home staging is one way to stand out in a sea of photos of empty homes.

Investing some money to stage your home may seem like a huge ask now, but it’s how to sell a house fast. You will surely get your money’s worth when the offers start pouring in.

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