Lake Texoma

Excitement. Adventure. Water. These are the three words that best describe life in Lake Texoma. The lake itself is the main source of most anything that thrives in its waters and among the communities surrounding it.

The lake’s story

First, we have to recognize the features that make this lake a vital life-sustaining resource. Lake Texoma:

  • Is the 12th largest lake in the United States with a surface area of more than 93,000 acres;
  • Is a man-made reservoir formed from the installation of the Denison Dam in 1944;
  • Was created by filling a compact embankment with generous amounts of dirt instead of the usual concrete pouring;
  • Generates electricity for nearby communities; and
  • Provides water to several North Texas towns.

Economy boosted by tourism

A good number of Lake Texoma real estate is geared toward outdoor recreation and tourism thanks to the popularity of the lake. Visitors coming from the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex can easily drive north to the lake via the US-75. There are also three local airports in the area – two in Marshall County and one in Ardmore. With the ease of access and the booming lake-based industries here, it’s no surprise that around 7 million visits are registered here annually.

Water-based activities

Fishing for sport is fired up by several notches in Lake Texoma as the waters here are teeming with striped bass. Experts note that the natural mineral deposits in the soil surrounding the lake have contributed greatly to the spawning and growth of the marine life in the area. Fishing tournaments are common in these parts, and not just for stripers but also for catfish.

Other than fishing, the waters of the lake are open to fun recreational activities like boating, kayaking, canoeing, and water skiing. There are several marinas on the banks of the lake where you can rent watercraft.

For landlubbers

Much of the terrain surrounding the lake consists of rolling hills that are perfect for activities like camping, exploring nature trails, biking, observing wildlife, and golf!

Those who want to savor the majesty of the Great Outdoors have a choice of going camping, booking in a resort, or driving to an RV park like the one in Lake Texoma State Park. See nature up close with the protected wildlife roaming the grounds. Avid birdwatchers will also get to see rare migratory birds here.

For those passionate about golf, Lake Texoma is home to several golf courses. In Kingston alone, you have a choice between two exquisite courses to tee off – Chickasaw Pointe Golf Club and Buncombe Creek Golf Course.

Real estate

Owning a lakefront property here is like owning a piece of Paradise as you will be treated to unfettered views of sparkling water and to the sound of nature all around. Homes for sale in Lake Texoma are found on sprawling lots sitting on gently sloping hills. Other types of Lake Texoma property for sale include wide expanses of vacant land, some of which are located near a body of water.

Taking residence in Lake Texoma doesn’t only entail being close to the lake – it’s also about being part of a community where people are warm and friendly, where close ties are formed in various social gatherings, and where the small-town vibe coexists with modern conveniences.

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